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Thread of life - hanging on

Thread of life – hanging on


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Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore


Steering the Mothership

Steering the Mothership


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About Me

Small beginnings

I blame it on my genes. Globe-trotting is in my family – ancestors were forever on the move, travelling to exotic locations. I went from a small Northern village to London, then Los Angeles then Sydney. Via lots of places in between.

Formal Education

I didn’t know it back then, but I was in training to be a writer early on. Got a degree in History of Art and Anthropology – beauty meets the study of humankind. Excuse for being nosy about people and what makes us tick. Studied Publishing at Harvard.

Paid and underpaid employment

Editor, writer, marketing/content manager, librarian, photo researcher, interior designer, photographer in nightclubs, washer-upper, toilet cleaner, mango picker, supermarket check-out girl on Aborginal settlement, novelty street seller, cocktail waitress…


A sawn-off shotgun hold-up (in a photocopying shop). Major earthquake. Riots in LA. Nearly died in a cave in Vietnam. Nearly killed (accidently) my husband on a scuba dive.

Things I Value

My family and friends, my passport, my laptop, raw chocolate, healthy food, honesty, social and moral responsibility, equality, living in a country that still believes in free speech, just about.


What I write about: Moral responsibility. The search for truth. Thrillers. First novel set in Cambodia. Second in The Philippines. Travel writing – finding the story of a place and bringing it to life on the printed page.


Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

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