Spaced Out – The National Space Centre

Who would have thought that Leicester, a self-deprecating city in the Midlands, would host one of the UK’s leading tourist attractions? Leicester was chosen as a location for the National Space Centre because of the University’s stellar Department of Physics and Astronomy/The Space Research Centre. Every year since 1967 has seen a Leicester-built instrument operating in space. A […]

Scotland – separation anxiety & independence

Today is the day. Scotland decides whether to remain part of the United Kingdom or become Independent. And it’s nail biting stuff. It’s a dramatic twist in the history of these isles. Even though we knew two years ago that the referendum was going to be held on this day, we’ve all been asleep at […]

Original Love

Original Love (youtube) I have this album on repeat, especially the track Original Love, which seems so apt for Valentine’s Day. Just dance!

Should authors write literary blogs?

Years ago, in another life, before children, I asked Paul Theroux if he would write (for a princely sum) an introduction to a magazine I was publishing for the World Bank. He was very efficient and business-like (some might say prickly, or even snooty) in his communications about the project, and he produced a thoughtful […]

First steps and all that…

When is NOW a good time to start a new blog? As a master in procrastination, I have put off starting a new blog (and creating a website) for far too long. Mind obstacles kept getting in the way. Where do I start? What will I say? Who will want to listen? Not another blog! […]

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Steering the Mothership