Spaced Out – The National Space Centre

Who would have thought that Leicester, a self-deprecating city in the Midlands, would host one of the UK’s leading tourist attractions? Leicester was chosen as a location for the National Space Centre because of the University’s stellar Department of Physics and Astronomy/The Space Research Centre. Every year since 1967 has seen a Leicester-built instrument operating in space. A […]

Should authors write literary blogs?

Years ago, in another life, before children, I asked Paul Theroux if he would write (for a princely sum) an introduction to a magazine I was publishing for the World Bank. He was very efficient and business-like (some might say prickly, or even snooty) in his communications about the project, and he produced a thoughtful […]

First steps and all that…

When is NOW a good time to start a new blog? As a master in procrastination, I have put off starting a new blog (and creating a website) for far too long. Mind obstacles kept getting in the way. Where do I start? What will I say? Who will want to listen? Not another blog! […]

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Thread of life – hanging on


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Steering the Mothership

Steering the Mothership