First steps and all that…

When is NOW a good time to start a new blog?

As a master in procrastination, I have put off starting a new blog (and creating a website) for far too long. Mind obstacles kept getting in the way. Where do I start? What will I say? Who will want to listen? Not another blog!

Then I began to think less about myself and more about other people. And what I’d learnt from their blogs. How I discovered a new author. Made a chocolate and beetroot cake. Found a Burmese kitten to buy. Read ‘on the ground’ accounts about the hurricane in The Philippines.

Their blogs added value. It wasn’t about them per se. It was passing over their knowledge and experience.

I have found invaluable information and made fantastic new friends via blogs, enriching my life immeasurably.

So I hope that my passions – writing, travelling, eating and living well – strike a chord with you, and that I can add a little something to your life too in this new blog. A kind of ‘paying it forward,’ if you like, for all the good things that other people’s efforts have given to me.

Do drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you!

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